Difference‌ ‌between‌ ‌PUBG‌ ‌and‌ ‌PUBG‌ ‌ Lite‌

Difference between pubg and pubg lite

Pubg is a viral game that has got immense hype among game players. It is the acronym of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Difference between pubg and pubg lite The game players enjoy playing this game online and can relish it with multiplayer. The PUBG Corporation developed this game that is meant to be played on smartphones or PC as per the user choice.


PUBG Is the original version, while PUBG Lite is known for the latest and new version. Both vary in various aspects. PUBG game is the most valuable game that is played by gamers on the high-end graphics. The PUBG Lite is meant to be played the gamers that cannot afford the expensive machines.

Optimized Game

PUBG is indeed the most impressive and optimized game that works quite efficiently on the CPU cores. While on the contrary, PUBG Lite is not that optimized as the PUBGs game. It designs to work on lighter PCs. Moreover, the PUBG Lite users can’t run it on various cores.

Higher Graphics

PUBGs Lite is a game that flawlessly functions on a 1G graphics card and 4GB RAM. However, the PUBG PC comprises splendid graphics with the use of a sound graphics card.

Difficulty Levels

The gamers who like to enjoy the difficulty level can rely on the PUBG’s PC. It comes up with the different types of difficulty levels. However, PUBGs Lite is the easy one to play, and hence users can play it without any hassle or difficulty. In PUBG PC, it becomes much challenging and demanding for the gamers to avoid killing and survival. In PUBGs Lite, there are enormous chances for the players to save themselves and approach the higher levels with ease.

Pointer and Sound: Difference between pubg and pubg lite

PUBG PC is the game in which the gamers find it challenging to make any prediction about the incoming shots. While in the case of PUBGs Lite, there exists a fabulous opportunity for the gamers, which is none other than a pointer. Pointer is the most significant one that helps much in indicating the dangerous path.

The incoming bullets are easy to prevent as the pointer indicates its path in the PUBG’s Lite game. The gamer in the PUBG PC has to determine the incoming shots from the sounds. It is because there is no facility for the pointer in it.

Paid VS Free: Difference between pubg and pubg lite

PUBG PC is a game for gamers who are entirely professional and skilled in it. It is available online as a paid game. The users can play this by purchasing it. However, in PUBGs Lite, the gamers get the experience of playing the game without spending any money. It is available for free of money.


The size of the PUBGs PC and PUBGs Lite varies from each other. PUBG’s PC is a game with relatively more size than PUBG Lite. PUBGs Lite can download quite swiftly on the mobile phone with ease. It comes up with quite a small downloading size and hence does not strain the device.

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