How to make snow ice cream?

How to make snow ice cream

The snow fascinates me. Perhaps the Swiss genes also have something to do with it, which makes me somehow unconsciously long for white landscapes, but the fact is that I can’t help being attracted to snowfalls. I know that it is more of a nuisance than something beautiful for those who live with it, but what has caught my attention lately is the idea of using snow as a base to make ice cream. Would you try it?

Although I couldn’t help but twist my nose at the thought of eating snow caught off the ground, the underlying theory is actually not far-fetched. Taking advantage of the circumstances of living in an area where it is common to wake up surrounded by a blanket of thick snow can be an interesting way to take advantage of the discomfort that it entails. I guess it depends a lot on where we are and how picky we are.

Making ice cream with snow?

I have seen homemade ice cream mostly on cooking blogs in the United States, for example, Tide and Thyme. Run by a mother from Maryland. She tells us how, after an intense snowfall that left a layer of several centimeters of snow, she and her family took the opportunity not only to play with the snow but also to prepare delicious ice cream.

You have to collect fresh and clean snow. Mix it with condensed milk and add the aromas or extra ingredients you want. Such as vanilla or syrups. I have also seen the possibility of mixing the snow with milk or cream. And then adding sugar or sweeteners to taste. It seems that the condensed milk provides a creamier texture. But I suppose it is a matter of trying different methods.

The key is to have good snow, just fallen, clean and fresh. Suppose we know that it is going to snow. It may be a good idea to leave a large bowl in the garden or patio to collect it directly without touching the ground. In any case, I would not recommend eating snowfall in the center of large cities, due to air pollution. Have you ever eaten snow?

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