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Best Bluetooth Adapters

Best Bluetooth Adapters buying a cheap Bluetooth stick may not always be a good choice. To understand which is the best product you need, Bluetooth adapter for pc you must first think about the type of use that will be made, evaluate all the technical characteristic, and then click the “buy” button.

Today, the PC without Bluetooth could be consider almost like a “unfix” computer. But don’t worry, if you own such a computer as is the case with many desktop PCs, a Bluetooth adapter could be the answer to all problems. It is a small dongle that adds Bluetooth connectivity to any computer, and on other things, u can buy at cheap prices.

But despite these devices that have now become quite simple, there are many Bluetooth adapters on the market, different from each other not only for the price but also for the technical characteristics, such as the supported protocol, the dimensions, and many other variables.

And this is a precise reason we decide to come to your aid and explain all the most important technical features to be evaluated before purchasing the best Bluetooth key for your need, and then list the best model regarding the quality/ratio price.

What is Bluetooth technology?

Before moving on to the real technical characteristics to be evaluated before purchasing a Bluetooth pen, we must understand what we are talking about. Bluetooth is a technical standard that is used for short-range data transmission. Two devices equipped with this technology can exchange files and information without a physical connection.

This is digital data and can be used for various purpose. For example, through Bluetooth, it is possible to connect wireless mice and keyboards, or the gamepads of the consoles, not to mention the earphones and wireless headphones, which, coincidentally, work through this technology.

Best budget Bluetooth adapter Best Bluetooth Adapters

Let’s start with the real buying guide. We will start with the most interesting low-end devices, devices that, despite being very cheap, guarantee an excellent value for money.

ZEXMTE Bluetooth adapter


The Bluetooth adapter produced by ZEXMTE is a small Bluetooth pen compatible with all computers that use Windows as an operating system. The supported protocol is Bluetooth 4.0 with a maximum connection speed of 3 Mbps and a range of over 10 meters in open spaces. In addition, the size is minimal, making it perfect for laptops or perennial computer connections.

Maxesla Bluetooth adapter


The Maxesla Bluetooth Adapter is also very interesting. It is an inexpensive product compatible with all Microsoft operating systems. Extremely small in size, the signal has a range of 20 meters and uses the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol with low energy consumption BLE and EDR for faster data transmission. Just over an inch in size, this model is also totally plug-and-play.

Best mid-range Bluetooth adapter Best Bluetooth Adapters

We continue our guide on the best Bluetooth adapters by moving to mid-range products. This is an exciting price range, in which it is possible to buy devices with excellent features and quality, sold at a not too excessive price.

Kinivo BTD-400


Bluetooth adapter for pc

The Kinivo BTD-400  is a class 2 Bluetooth adapter with low energy consumption technology and compatible with all operating systems. Also, in this case, it is a basic product, which can also  use to connect stereo headphone or any other type of product.

Avantree DG40S Best Bluetooth Adapters


Bluetooth adapter for pc

The Avantree DG40S  is also a tiny Bluetooth adapter that is compatible with any computer. It is a model that can handle multiple connections, including controllers for PS4 or Xbox One and all other devices that use this technology. The range is 10 meters, and the technology used is Bluetooth 4.o with low energy consumption.

Best high-end Bluetooth adapter

Finally, we arrive at the high-end. It is possible to Bluetooth adapters, equipped with the best technologies currently available, and integrate a series of very innovative features.

Avantree BTDG-50-WGR


Bluetooth adapter for pc

The Avantree BTDG-50-WGR is a very special Bluetooth adapter that is not only compatible with Mac and PC but can  be used with console, such as the PlayStation 4. It is a model design to optimize audio transmission. Bluetooth adapter for pc: Unlike all adapters on the market, integrate an independent external sound card: with this product, you can use any Bluetooth headset on any new generation console!

ZUEN Bluetooth transmitter Best Bluetooth Adapters


Bluetooth adapter for pc

The ZUEN Bluetooth transmitter is a very particular model that uses Bluetooth 5 technology and integrates a small aux input. It can manage the audio input and output, managed with a small switch button placed on the ‘end. The data transfer speed is much higher than the other models, and the range can exceed 15 meters.

How to choose the best Bluetooth adapter Best Bluetooth Adapters

Buying a cheap Bluetooth stick may not always be a good choice. To understand which is the best product for your need, you must first think about the type of use that will be made, evaluate all the technical characteristics, and then click the “buy” button.

Bluetooth version and compatibility Best Bluetooth Adapters

The Bluetooth version supported by the stick is a crucial factor to evaluate, and the reason is simple. There are several versions of this data transmission protocol, and the most recent is 5.1. Bluetooth adapter for pc The difference is all contained in the data transfer speed. Still, they are all designed for backward compatibility: it is therefore not a limiting factor if two devices of different versions are to be connected.

Here are the features of the main Bluetooth versions:

Version 1.2: up to 1 Mb / s

 2.0 + EDR: up to 2 or 3 Mb / s

 3.0 + HS: up to 24 Mb / s

 4.0: from 25 Mb / s to 32 Mb / s

 5.0: 50 Mb / s


In addition to the Bluetooth version, it is also important to evaluate the class it belongs to. There are currently four types of Bluetooth classes, distinguished from each other by the power of the radio transmission and, therefore, the range.

Here are the different Bluetooth classes:

Class 1: 100 meters

 2: 5-10 meters

 3: 1 meter

 4: 0.5 meters

Our advice is to aim for class 2 Bluetooth sticks—the most used in the world of computers and mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Range of action Best Bluetooth Adapters

The range is an extremely related feature to that of class. Usually, even cheap Bluetooth sticks can guarantee a range of at least 10 meters. More than enough, in fact, but on the market, some models can work even at 20 meters away.


Generally, the dimensions of the Bluetooth sticks are tiny. However, there are more advanced (and expensive) models that can be slightly larger. The evaluation of this factor basically depends on the use. That will make of the device and on the necessity or not to carry it with you.

Data transfer rate

The data transfer speed is a factor. To consider especially if you intend to exchange files between two or more wireless devices. It is a factor that depends on the type of Bluetooth supported. But before buying a Bluetooth stick, it is right to remember one thing. Currently, most devices use Bluetooth 4.0, which ensures a speed of up to 32 Mb / s, more than enough. To stream music or use wireless pointing devices.

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