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How to chop onions?

How to chop an onion. From the hobby cook to the chef, everyone knows that when you cut onions, your eyes burn or your tears flow. It doesn’t have to be because there are now numerous manufacturers of onion choppers, choppers, and other innovative gadgets for cutting onions without crying – at least that’s what the manufacturers of these intelligent kitchen gadgets promise.

Most of these onion cutters and onion choppers are designed for chopping everything from table onions to large vegetable onions quickly and easily, without watery eyes. In addition, garlic, herbs, and even carrots and nuts should be reliably chopped or chopped. Well and good, it would be conceivable if it weren’t for the subsequent cleaning of the onion cutting devices. Because let’s be honest, there are many valuable and practical kitchen aids that “fail” when washing up or cleaning at the latest. That’s why a good onion cutter should be easy to clean.

Devices for cutting onions in the test: How to chop an onion

We have bought many onion chippers because we cut relatively large quantities of onions for cooking or parties. But that is not the reason for these numerous onion-cutting kitchen helpers. Onions are healthy and rich in antioxidants, so we process several onions practically every day. That is why we are always on the lookout for improved cutting gadgets.

Firstly to make our kitchen work more accessible, secondly to avoid the annoying eyes watering when chopping onions. And third, because these kitchen gadgets are now so cheap, you inevitably have to buy another onion cutter.

Chop onions with the help of a chopperĀ 

I have already seen the onion chopper presented and tested here in several variations. And, in some cases, also bought it. There is one like this with a crank or hand knob drive and a pull rope (as in the case of salad spinners, petrol lawnmowers, or outboard motors).

It consists of 3 individual parts, i.e., the upper part or cover with covered/closed drive shaft, the two-stage knife insert, and the actual container. The small removable knife insert makes it easy to clean, and you don’t cut yourself on the two very sharp knives when rinsing the separate lid or the onion container. In addition, the well-sealed cover has an advantage that should not be underestimated, as, in this way, no onion residues can penetrate the gearbox, which also makes cleaning easier.

Overall: How to chop an onion

Overall, the onion cutter is user-friendly. The two rotating blades effortlessly cut the onions, which fall deeper into the well-closed container bottom. Where they are finely chopped up with each rotation by the lower knife.

All you have to do is peel the onion and cut it into quarters. At least if you want to chop the onion in a way. That is gentle on your strength and the knife. The onion chopper is small, handy, and reduces crying when doing kitchen work. Which is probably the main purchase item for a lot. This onion cutter is more for amateur cooks who want to cut large quantities of onions. And do not want to keep fighting with tears or burning eyes. Or for those who don’t like the kitchen. Who see the cut fingertip lying in front of them at the sight of an onion and a knife.

For example, I also like to prepare salsa verde (green sauce) with this onion chopper by chopping parsley and basil at lightning speed. Of course, that doesn’t make a perfectly chopped green either, but it’s suitable for those who like it rough. So if you need finely chopped vegetables and don’t expect the perfect. Finely-diced “brunoise,” for example, for soup or sauces. You can use this kitchen helper to chop up peppers, courgettes, leeks, cabbage, or onions.
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