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How to Fly a Kite?

A beautiful weekend, bright sunshine, gentle spring breeze, flying a kite, and flying the mood, think about whether it’s lovely. In this article, we read about How to Fly a Kite?

How many steps are there to fly a kite?

Buy a kite—find an open place—fly it.

  1. Choose weather with steady wind and stable wind direction. The wind at high altitude is usually about 1 to 2 levels higher than the wind on the ground. For small and medium-sized kites flying daily, level 3 to 4 is the best wind for flying.
  2. When flying, run slowly against the wind. Of course, if the wind is relatively strong, there is no need to run. After the kite rises, start flying until the kite increases to a certain height and has no tendency to fall.

Of course, the premise is that you know the following.

  • Don’t grab the kite string with your hands (especially tell the children.

Remind pedestrians to pay attention to the kite line.

  1. When flying a kite, choose a flat and open place to avoid buildings, trees, high-voltage lines, roads, and railways. Don’t fly a kite too high. When the wind becomes more robust, the line must be taken up when the wind direction is irregular.

The voltage of the high-voltage line is very high. Flying a kite nearby, the kite is easy to hang on the high-voltage line. Once conductive, it is easy to cause an electric shock to the kite flying person, which is very dangerous. Don’t try to pull the kite off if it gets stuck on the wire.

  1. When flying a kite, we often need to run, and our attention is focused on the kite. Often ignore changes in the surrounding environment.

When running, be sure to pay attention to the obstacles under your feet and whether there are children around so as not to trip over or hit the children.

When flying a kite, pay attention to the surrounding environment to see if there are people and vehicles coming and going to prevent collisions.

Preparations before flying the kite

  1. Be sure to buy a reliable kite. It is best to choose a good reel.

As long as there is wind, it will rise slowly when standing still. His reel can be used if the wind is a bit strong. It will take a bit of effort to wind and unwind the line.

  1. Prepare a pair of gloves.

Because kite-flyers have to keep retracting and releasing the string, it is very laborious to reject and remove the line when the wind becomes strong. In the beginning, my hands were blistered because I didn’t wear gloves.

  1. Bring a lighter or a knife to your body. If the kite appears to fall and hang on the tree, the string depends on the tree. At this time, burn or cut the source. This will make it easier to take up the thread.

How to fly a kite

  1. Wind: Check the breeze with your mobile phone, and feel the wind yourself. It isn’t easy to put it up without wind. If the wind is too strong, it is not recommended to fly a kite. Because the wind is too strong, it isn’t easy to set the wire and pull the wire. Moreover, the kite is horizontal, and the string is drawn very long, but it does not rise high.
  2. Hold the reel in one hand, lift the kite with the other, loosen the kite with its back to the wind, and slowly release the line.
  3. After about 15 meters of laying out, release your hand and let the reel automatically take out the wire.
  4. If the wind makes you feel that the reel automatically rotates too fast at about 30 meters, you will intervene at a straight 50 meters.
  5. Then hold the wire wheel tightly and pull the wire downwards by hand. After raising the kite, set the line 1 meter. Then pull the string down by hand to present the kite. Repeat this, slowly growing the kite.
  6. When the line is too tight, let the line out. If the angle between the kite and the ground is too small, pull the string down repeatedly by hand to make the kite rise.
  7. If the line is too loose, the line must be taken up immediately.

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