How to Share Jazz Balance?

How to share jazz balance

Are you an active user of the jazz network? If so, then you are lucky! Among the long list of tons of advantages that Jazz aims to deliver to its customers is the one benefit of sharing your jazz balance with another user. It is the perk of holding a good phone connection that allows you to transfer money from one SIM card to another. Do you know how to do that? This post will provide you an ultimate guide: how to share your jazz balance with other jazz users. So, if you are genuinely getting curious to know more, then read on!  

Easy Steps to Share Balance with Jazz

Here we have gathered the simple steps of sharing your Jazz Balance with another user. We suggest you read and follow them carefully:

  1. Firstly, you have to ensure that you and the other person you are sending the cash should be active prepaid Jazz SIM users.  
  2. The next step is to turn on the dialer on your phone.  
  3. After that, enter the number of the person you are sending credit to and the amount you wish to share in the presented format: code> *100* Person’s Jazz Number* Cash amount in Rupees# For Instance: *100*03000000001*300# 
  4. Next, you have entered the number you wish to send the balance to, with that the amount in rupees. Once you do so, you will receive a message box on your phone’s screen to reconfirm Jazz’s balance share.  
  5. Lastly, enter digit 1 to reconfirm and continue.  

You Must Note:

  • You will be charged Rs. 4.77 plus tax for utilizing this aid.  
  • Besides, there is a limit to sharing jazz balance from one number to the other is Rs. 500/- only – per transaction.  
  • Users can only share a height of Rs. 500 and the least Rs. 15 per day.  
  • Lastly, all charges are exclusive of tax, and Jazz Network can modify the codes at any provided time.  

Terms & Conditions: Other Important Information 

Jazz provides its users to transfer money with their buddies and relatives in terms of need. It is essential to retrieve that this cooperative facility is only available and applicable between 2 Jazz consumers. This fantastic feature reaches real benefits, especially in accident circumstances. 

You might never know it could be a lifesaver for many people in many situations. Yet, there are some terms and conditions behind the scenes. So, take a look!

  • One thing that may shock you is this facility is only available for prepaid users, not postpaid.
  • To transmit the cash by utilizing Mobilink/Jazz Balance sharing Code, you and the receiver must be prepaid users. Only prepaid jazz customers could share the money with other prepaid users.
  • The amount limit is Rs. 15/- that you can send through the Jazz Balance sharing facility to your friend.
  • Besides, for this service charges Rs. 3.99 – Tax allowances balance will get applied. 
  • Suppose you have transferred the cash with the wrong number – note that the amount will not be refundable. The Jazz company may not be liable if you share the balance using the wrong number by error.

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Today, we try to give you the correct and detailed information: what are the processes of sharing balance with Jazz. Though, some highlights or charges may differ according to your country. So, follow and read the steps carefully – so you won’t face any troubles.


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