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How to reduce pdf file size?

People use different platforms and stuff to share information or data. It can be in hard or soft copy that people can transfer to any other place. Moreover, it can be confidential and sent person to person only. In the following article, we learn how to reduce pdf file size? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

The covid days and before covid files are made in pdf or converted into pdf. Even long and heavy data can be recorded on the pdf as well. However, it depends on the platform you are sending that data whether it can be sendable or not. This modern type has given us many options to send and convert data.

Furthermore, heavy files that cannot be sent can be reduced or minimized in many ways. If you don’t know about it and wondering how you can do it? You are at the right place. Let’s discuss how the pdf size can be minimized.

Steps to reduce the pdf file size

The steps mentioned below will guide you in reducing the pdf file size.

1- When converting those files into pdf, you got an option file>save as other>reduce file size. Click on it and adjust the file size accordingly. While clicking saves, you get your preferred file.

2- There are online tools to minimize the sizes of the file. In the option optimized file, you can adjust the features of the file of your own choice. And save it.

3- Even in a word document, you can do this task. At the same time, you are saving after the conversion in pdf tap on the minimum option size. So, your file will get saved according to the mentioned features.

4- There is a tool ‘print to pdf’, which contains features to cut, adjust, minimize the file. This tool will help you set the file according to your need or specifications.


As the world enters into a new era, many things have changed and now can be done electronically from any part of the world to the other. Pdf files can easily be created and converted if your document type is different.

But many platforms or official documents have required some papers according to their specifications. So, the steps mentioned in the article above will guide you through setting the size accordingly. For more details, mention the query below.

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