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How to tie a tie?

If you have never tied a tie or think it is something complicated, we will show you the steps to follow to do it in a matter of seconds.

 If you have an event in which you have to wear a suit, first we show you some guidelines to dress correctly in events such as baptisms. Following these guidelines, the usual doubt when it comes to dressing in a suit, comes when making the tie knot and, if you already know how to tie the tie knot, it is likely that you are only used to making the same type of knot, however, you could add a touch of class to your style if you try to change the type of knot.

Next, we are going to talk about the origin of the ties and teach you how to make the most popular tie knots.

The origin of the tie

The tie is a strip that has different styles of knots that are tied around the neck for aesthetic purposes. Its name comes from the Italian word, corvette or Cravatta, which means Croatian. Its beginning dates from the year 1660 when the horsemen of the Croatian army wore scarves tied around their necks. In turn, in ancient societies, it was considered a risk to expose the neck. This is why the Egyptians of the wealthy classes tied a piece of fabric in a triangular shape around their necks . Also, Roman soldiers wore something similar called a focale that was used by women and people who had health problems, and also by speakers, to protect their vocal cords. 

Types of tie knots

Following are the types of knots:

Simple knot

  • Step One:  First, make sure you keep your tied flat. Stand in front of the mirror to visualize the movements.
  • Second step: place your fingers below the neck and take the wide part. Then cross it over the narrow part of the tie. You should firmly hold both parts with your fingers where they intersect so that the reference is not lost. This will make the tie knot more rigid and secure.
  • Third step:  you need to fold the wide part of the tied over the narrow part. It is very important that you hold it so that it does not slip and lose the work done so far. 
  • Step Four:  Pass the wide part at the top, behind the tie. It is important that you place your index finger on the knot. Then remove your finger and slide the wide part inside the knot that you previously made.
  • Fifth step:  It is time to gently pull the wide part to close the knot. You must adjust it to the level you want. Your knot is now finished. This is the most used knot that will make you look great for any engagement.

Windsor medium nudo

  • First step:  put the ties around the neck and make sure that the wide end is longer and to the right the thin end that should be shorter. 
  • Second step: cross the wide part in front of the narrower to the left. Then fold the wide end of the tie behind the narrow end. Once the fold is made, the wide end will be on the right. Now insert the wide end into the bow.
  • Third step:  you must cross the wide end to the right, pulling the thin end. Bring the wide part under the knot, towards the center. Check that the wide end goes under the knot you made previously. 
  • Fourth step:  pull the wide end, in front and check that the knot is well fastened.
  • Fifth step:  pull the narrow end gently with one hand, while with the other slide the knot upwards, until it reaches the neck. Check that the knot is snug and comfortable.

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