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Difference between HTML and xml

HTML is the programming language that is meant to design the data on the website. However, XML is the programming language that characterizes by the capability to describe data. HTML is responsible for displaying how the data looks. While the XML emphasizes the aspect of what the data is. Difference between html and xml HTML is the one that does not have any checking of syntax. While in the case of XML, there is syntax checking. 


The HTML is the acronym of Hypertext Markup Language, while XML calls eXtensible Markup Language. HTML emphasizes much on the data presented, while XML focuses on the aspect of data transfer. There are huge differences between HTML and XML, which is necessary for web developers to know. 

Case Sensitivity

The coding for the XML needs to be accurate to get the perfect execution of the command. Any mistake in the coding can lead to errors. It does not necessarily mean the mistake in the alphabet or enclosing tags. But, it also includes case sensitivity. It is massively case sensitive, which means that if you write any code for web development, then using the caps lock can lead to errors. However, HTML is the most relaxing one in this regard. It does not have any concern with the case and leads to the execution of the command without any trouble.  Hence, the developer can take the assistance of any case he wants.

Tags: Difference between html and xml

Both HTML and XML comprise tags that the coder quite frequently uses. The tags for  predefine, while the XML is the one that is responsible for designing the tags in its way. HTML may often have the closing tag, but some of the times, it is not having had the closing tag. However, for the XML coding, it is optimally necessary to have the closing tag. The storage of the  data is outside HTML, while in HTML, the data gets stored.

View: Difference between html and xml

HTML is not much tough to view. Anyone can view it in the browser quite easily. However, it would be best if you used the Stylesheet for viewing the XML. It is not possible to view the XML in the browser directly. XML is well-known for its feature of content. It is the content-driven format while HTML varies from it and is papular to be format-driven. HTML does not come up with any support of namespaces, while XML supports these. 

In a Nutshell

HTML and XML differ much in terms of tags. It would not be wrong to say that the significant difference between them isto the tags. Tagging must be given extreme importance by web developers so that they can design any website with ease. Fulfilling the client demands becomes much easier when you are familiar with all kinds of programming languages. Indeed, it is the source of getting more projects, and better exposure leads to more and more revenue. 

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