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Effective tips to keep flies away

Catching flies with a fly swatter is not easy at all. Instead of chasing after the pests, you can simply use natural plants and smells to drive them away. So you can relax on the balcony and the insects stay alive.

At first glance, not all insects appear as useful as bees or bumblebees. Or are as beautiful to admire as butterflies. It looks different with flies, for example. The pests are buzzing around and are primarily annoying. They are an important part of every ecosystem. As scavengers, flies remove the carcasses and remains of other animals. For people, that’s one more reason why you don’t want them around. But instead of killing them with chemical traps, you can also drive away flies with natural home remedies

3 home remedies that will keep flies away

Vinegar: How to keep flies away

Vinegar is great for controlling flies

Just set up a bowl of vinegar, the pungent smell will drive the flies away.

Laurel oil: How to keep flies away

You like bay oil, but the flies don’t

You like bay oil, but the flies don’t.  

Put eight to ten drops of the essential oil of laurel in a bowl with water and set up. The smell is unpleasant for flies.

Lavender oil: How to keep flies away

The Lavender oil gives your room a pleasant scent and at the same time drives away the flies

Lavender oil gives your room a pleasant scent and at the same time drives away the flies Photo: Getty Images

All-rounder lavender oil. It smells good, soothes, and drives away annoying flies. Simply drizzle the oil over a cotton ball or cloth. Alternatively, peppermint oil is also suitable.

14 plants that drive and keep flies away 


Basil on the windowsill keeps flies away

Fill your window sills with basil and the flies will find the smell so repulsive that they will seek another target.


Nettles help against flies

Similar to basil flies also find the smell of nettles repulsive.

Walnut tree

A walnut tree gives off an odor that is repellent to flies

The essential oils of the walnut not only keep flies away but also insects such as bed bugs and moths.

Horse chestnut

A chestnut tree can ward off annoying flies

The fruits of the horse chestnut tree are also effective in driving away flies. Chestnuts keep fruit flies away in the kitchen – just put a few in the fruit bowl.


Planting nasturtiums at home

Nasturtium drives away fly as well as snails. Not only does it look beautiful, it can also be used to prepare salads.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm has a pleasant smell to humans

Some types of mosquitoes are flies – for example, sciarid gnats. They avoid the lemon smell, so lemon verbena or lemongrass is also suitable to drive them away in addition to lemon balm.


Peppermint (Mentha x Piperita)

Flies avoid the smell of peppermint. The most effective way to drive away flies, however, is the catnip, because it has a deterrent effect on both house flies and annoying mosquitoes.


Cut cuttings in autumn to propagate plants

If you want to propagate your geraniums, you can cut and grow cuttings in the autumn.

As popular as geraniums are as balcony plants with people, they are unpopular with flies and many other insects because of their smell.


With tansy, you get an eye-catcher on the balcony and in the garden

In the home, bouquets of tansy are suitable to drive away flies and other insects. They achieve the same effect in the garden bed and also provide colorful highlights.

Carnivorous plants: How to keep flies away

The Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant

Of course, the carnivorous plant should not be missing from this list. It attracts flies and other insects but also eats them as soon as its trap snaps shut.


In an emergency, it is good to have tomatoes grown

A secret weapon against flies and mosquitoes: the tomato. The insects cannot tolerate the intense smell of the plant.


Tagetes help drive away flie

While the smell of tagetes repels flies, it attracts snails. Hobby gardeners should therefore carefully consider whether they want to use this plant to drive away flies.


Beans can also drive away flies

The intense smell of beans is repellent to insects.

Dried lilac flowers

Lilac not only looks beautiful, it also effectively drives away flies 

The flowering time of the lilac is from April to July. To dry the flowers, simply place a few on a kitchen towel in the sun. If you turn them every hour, they dry out well on all sides. Then hang up the flowers in the apartment or – for example – put them in a vase without water.

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