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How To Unblock a Sink?

When a sink is clogged, and you can’t get it blocked despite the continuous clogging pressure with the suction cup, it is better to call one hydraulic Come to fix it. However, with the current economic crisis, saving a bit of money is always helpful. In the following article, we learn how to unblock a sink, So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be beneficial for you guys. Hence, you can try to do these small works yourself with one of the guides available on the net. In the following steps, in particular, I will explain how to properly unlock it to lower your drain without necessarily having to contact an expert.

Unscrew The Drain

First of all, you have to clean the lower part of the sink. After that, make sure that the drain is fixed in the correct position. With great care, check out that the seal is not broken or damaged. Clean the drain with water; if the drain remains blocked after this process, you need to make caustic soda granules in the market. Top up the sink with hot water and pour caustic soda into it and rest for 20 minutes. The product dissolves the limescale deposits and breaks up food particles that could clog the drain.

Spiral Pipe

Gently feed the coil down the drain through the siphon until it reaches the downspout.

When you feel resistance, turn the crank to grab the dirt.

Then twist the wire to pull the dirt plug up.

Then rinse with water.

Home Remedies To Unblock The Sink

The chemicals may damage the pipes, so I recommend you not use home remedies instead of chemicals cause they damage the water pipes for a long time. 

Vinegar And Baking Soda

Make a thick mixture of half cup of vinegar and 4tbsp of baking powder.

Pour it in the sink and wait until the bubbling is stoped.

Drain it with hot water. Now your sink is ready to use.

You can also use washing soda instead of baking soda because both works in the same way.

Soda and vinegar are also used to get rid of the foul smell of drains.

With Suction Cup

Here I guide you on how to suction cup works.

First of all, close and fill all the drains opening with damp clothes. 

Keep the suction cup in the middle of the drain, and then press down with your full force.

Keep pressing until the rubber part of the suction cup is completely dipped in the water.

Now keep punching up and down alternatively. 

After some time, you check that the dirt comes up on the water if the drain is unblocked. 

If the drain doesn’t unclog, keep using the suction cup.

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