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Difference between blood and lymph

Biology is an exciting and splendid subject. Students are having an interest in biology love to grab new and new concepts. Most often, it includes knowledge about living beings and their bodies. Blood and lymph are the most common and significant parts of the human body. But both of these differ from each other. Let us view how blood differs from lymph and vice versa. 

Blood VS Lymph


Blood differs from lymph. Both of these have different colors that make it much easier for the students to differentiate these. The blood is red, while the color of lymph is pale yellow. It is often found in pale yellow color or maybe found colorless.

Red Blood Cells

Blood flows throughout the blood and comprises the red blood cells in it. Hence, red blood cells are found throughout the body as these flow with blood. However, in the case of lymph, there are no red blood cells. 


The rate of flow of lymphs and blood is not the same at all. The lymph flow in the body quite slowly. However, the blood flow throughout the body with swiftness and smoothness.


Lymph flows only in a single direction; however, the blood flow in both directions. The lymph is papular to be unidirectional while the drops of blood are bidirectional. 

Leucocyte count

Leucocyte is known to be the white blood cells. These are characterized as the defense cell of the body that prevent the body from germs and infection. In case of any infection or inflammation, the number of leucocytes in the body enhances. Leucocyte is present in both lymphs and blood. However, the leucocyte count varies in blood and lymph. The lymph comprises a relatively higher count for the leucocyte, while in blood, the leucocyte count is relatively more minor.


The blood-clotting cells in the body are the platelets. Blood contains platelets in a definite range for the proper functionality in the body. However, in the case of lymph, there are no platelets. It is deprived of the platelets.

Oxygen: Difference between blood and lymph

The system of blood that circulates blood throughout the body is the circulatory system. However, the system that leads to the flow of lymph in the body is the lymphatic system. Both lymphs and blood comprise oxygen. The amount of oxygen is high in the bloods, while the amount of oxygen in the lymph is relatively lower.

Function: Difference between blood and lymph

The function of the lymph is the transfer of nutrients to the bloods from the tissue cells. The lymphatic vessels are the primary source of delivering the nutrient contents to the blood. However, there is the transport of oxygen or nutrients throughout the body in the case of blood. It supplies these nutrients and oxygen to the vital organs through the use of blood vessels. 


The lymph does not comprise any proteins in its plasma. However, in the case of blood, the plasma comprises a protein. Besides protein, it also contains phosphorous and calcium. Lymph comprises of fibrinogen in it in less amount while it is present in high amount in the bloods.

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